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Welcome to Guru Time International Solutions

Guru Time International basically concentrate on the educational front and the corporate world. Basic aim of the organization is to pitch up you at such a level, that you could call yourself as “Torch Bearers” in your respective fields. Our expertise lies in honing and fine tuning your skills. Programmes are tailored made and aim to meet the need of your organization.

Why We Are Relavant ? (Corporate World)

  • Can enhance Motivational Profile
  • Build traits of Corporate Leadership ?
  • Maximising output
  • Reducing Attrition Rate
  • Audit/Vetting the Organisation
  • Inbuilding  Art of Public Speaking
  • Brand Building Techniques

Why We Are Relavant ? (For Schools)

  • Making of an ideal teacher
  • Making of an ideal student
  • Building C3 (character, Courage Competence)
  • Making your organization as Torch Bearer in educational field
  • Stress  management
  • Managing EQ, IQ and SQ Quotient